"AMG has been very helpful and respectful to our board and community."

Barbara Phillips
Flippen Woods

"AMG is reliable, cooperative, and trustworthy."

Alan Mole
St Marlo

"AMG has been extremely effective in meeting the needs of the community. They’re dependable and dedicated."

Art O'Neill
Brookstone II

"We are extremely pleased with the services of Access Management Group."

Robert E Hufford
Cottages at Baker Road

"AMG is friendly, interested in pleasing and full of integrity."

Mike Foster
Wisteria Place II

"AMG and our property manager are efficient, resourceful and caring."

Judith Allen
Fairington Station

"Our community has worked with Bob Powser of Access Management for over a decade. I have personally worked with him for the last 5 years on the Board. Their service is excellent. We have never had a problem with delays and Bob is a wealth of information on good contractors and commercial vendors. I am more than satisfied with the services of Access Management".

Bree Collins
Brookstone II Board of Directors

"We have been using Access Management for about eight years. Our current account representative is Kate Cunningham, and has been for about five years. She is great. Sable Point has 192 homes and we have through the years given more work to Access as too many homeowners don't want to be involved and as the three executive members of the board work, we also have Kate doing our drive through inspections and is focal point/clearing house for all mail. Bottom line, Access Management has been great!

Sable Point Board of Directors

"Most of my dealings with AMG have been from either serving on our Architectual Control Committee for two years or the Board of Directors for the past three years.  In both roles, I have been very pleased with AMG.  They have been extremely responsive and willing to help regardless of what we have asked.  AMG has done a very good job of helping us with contracts, attorneys, homeowners, etc.Stephanie, specifically, has done a great job as our Property Manager.  Her approach is very hands on and she deals with our subdivision as if she is a resident. From my standpoint, I would highly recommend AMG for your community".

Mitch Stevens
Vice President of Princeton Square Board of Directors